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Umerkot is the most important historical city of Sindh province. It contributes handsome revenue; nonetheless, the people of this area are socially deprived, having fewer opportunities of good healthcare and education. Two decades back, in 1988, the literate, book lovers and socially active citizens of this historic town grouped together to form an organization for the socio-cultural and economic uplift of the people of this area.
The organization was named as “Sami Samaj Sujag Sangat”. The very first initiative in this connection was the foundation of Sami Adabi Library, named after the Sufi poet of Sindh “Bhai Chen Rai Sami”. This educational platform served as the only venue for the education and literary growth of citizens in general and of youth in particular. Starting from a meager number of books, contributed by citizens and members of the organization, this library grew to offer thousands of books, magazines, journals, newspapers etc. on various aspects and subjects. This humble platform enhanced the knowledge base of the citizens of Umerkot and broadened their vision to prove themselves precious part of the society.
Now it is renamed as “SAMI FOUNDATION” with a widened scope and renewed objectives. The motto of the organization is “Bringing Change Together” as the organization believes in collective efforts of people from all walks of life for sustainable social change. The organization was registered in 1993 with Social Welfare Department under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance 1961.

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