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A group of literate, book lovers and socially motivated persons of umerkot initiated a step of sami library that was formally established in august 1988. The experience through time and field work convinced them to adopt more integrated and participatory approach to cherish their goal resultantly a more focused organization came into being in name of Sami Samaj Sujag Sangat (SSSS) on 24-03-1989 registered with swd in april 1993.

There was a moment in 2003 when I looked down at the scale and it said 210 lbs! I knew I had the opportunity to NOT let it get to where it took me in 2007! However, in 2003 I remember clearly stepping on the scale reading the number and saying in my head, “Forget it, why bother!” I decided let it go, I let myself go never looking back or stepping on that scale again until 2007. When I finally looked at where I really was … I was so depressed. I asked myself so many questions, “How did I get here again, why me, now what, do I just let it get worse, or do I find a way to turn this around now?”




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  • Sami foundation is going to organize ” Dewali Festival” on 25th October 2014 @ PMA Ground Sami Foundation Head Office Umerkot District Umerkot, Exceptionally you are invited to join this event

  • Sami foundation is going to organize ” International World Literacy Day Celebration Linked with education Campaign and launched documentary on education.” on 08th September 2014 @ Sureh Badshah Hall District council Umerkot,Exceptionally you are invited to join this event.