Sami Foundation Implemented Education Project with Support of UNICEF, PIDSA and Action Aid Pakistan, Major Achievement of these project is given below.

Project Title:- SF-PIDSA Integrated Development Program Donor:- PIDSA
Major Achievement

  • Formation of 100 VSG in 100 Villages of Taluka Umerko, Pithoro & Kunri.
  • Appointed 100 female teachers in 100 GGPS and re-activated and fictionalized these schools around the district. This intervention benefited 4,298 girls against the target of 3000 girls to continue their education and complete at least primary education
  • To increase the knowledge and improve the skills of Village Education Committee (VEC) members in respect of their key role and responsibilities 297 members were provided 2-days training on Education Development & Role of VEC in 10 groups. During the training they were oriented on their role and responsibilities for education development
  • Aware the community for Education, Health, Water Sanitation through community meetings.
Project Title:- Accelerating of Girls Education Donor:- UNICEF
Major Achievement

  • Adopted closed 100 GGPS & provide local female teacher.
  • Activated SMCs through trainings.
  • Aware the community for Girls Enrollment through community meeting & awareness campaign.
  • Conducted Taluka & District Level special events regarding fresh enrollment.
  • 69710 Girls enrolled in schools @ District Umerkot
  • Adopted 60 GGPS in Child Friendly School.
  • Encouraged sports activities & discouraged corporal punishment in Girls Schools.
  • Facilitated SMCs for proper utilization of SMCs funds.
  • Developed effective linkages with education dept.
  • Provide interim support in girls schools.
  • Provide furniture in 60 child friendly schools.
  • Prevented dropout rate in girls schools.
Project Title:- Acceleration of Education for flood affected children in district Umerkot (Establishment of 200 Temporary Learning Centers ) Donor:- UNICEF
Major Achievement

  • 200 TLCs are established and functionalized where 9648 children (3786 girls & 5862 boys) having safe and conducive environment together with play and sports through proper & timely monitoring of SF staff.
  • School supplies (200 Water cooler, 400 Plastic Mats, 200 Black Boards, 186 Recreational kits, 200 School in boxes, 7870 School bags) is distributed at 200 TLCs and monitored regularly for its proper usage by children during the TLC timing.
  • 321 Para teachers & 112 Govt: teachers including 41 SF staff was trained through 15 trainings on CF learning environment, in classroom management skills, promotion of sports and recreation, health and hygiene messages and practices in order to run TLCs effectively.
  • Data of 9378 children (3621 girls & 5757 boys), distribution of supplies and teacher training is collected and shared with UNICEF, Education department and other stakeholders timely and regularly on given formats.
  • Strong coordination was developed with EDO (E) and provided the temporary GR to first timer 2730 girls and 3851 boys who are getting education in TLCs. They will further follow and get their permanent GR when return to their origin places and/or enroll in nearby government boys and girls schools.
Project Title:- Local Right Programme (LRP-34) Donor:- Action Aid Pakistan
Major Achievement

  • Provision of teachers support in 09 government girls’ primary schools; one in each village
  • 423 girls are getting primary education for which they never thought
  • 28 Teachers provided Training on quality education, class room management, and child friendly behaviors etc.
  • Supply of books, learning material, furniture, water and sanitation facilities in schools (charts, benches, table, chairs, almirah etc.)
  • Formation and strengthening of 09 Village Education Committees
  • Capacity Building of SMC & Teachers.
  • Formation & strengthening child group.
  • Established 9 Child Resources Center in LRP Villages.
  • Supply of story books, learning material, Game Material & Chart facilities in CRS.
  • 20 Child participated in Exposure / Exchange visit to other LRP.
  • 896 children received training on Behavior change Communication (BCC) & Child Rights.
  • Education Awareness Through 09 theater in 9 LRP Villages
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